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Machineries and Technologies for the production of Photovoltaic Panels

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LAB-LAMINATOR L036LAB is an automated photovoltaic module laminator.

LAB-LAMINATOR L036LAB is the right solution for Schools, Universities, Laboratories, R&D Centres.


It is the best laminator to encapsulate little laminates as standard modules made with plastic, glass or other material.

It permits to laminate in standard mode using a standard cure EVA or using a fast cure EVA.




Max Dimensions of the laminate

600 x 600 mm

Max Thickness

30 mm





The modules laminated with LAB-LAMINATOR L036LAB pass the spec. IEC 61215 – IEC 61646 – IEC 61730 i.e. exposure texts: thermal, humidity-freeze, and mechanical load cycling, twisted mounting surface, hail impact and high voltage isolation.





1100 mm


1100 mm


1000 mm


 340 Kg






Casella di testo: We can also involve our customers about the number and the position of additional thermocouples.

Heat up and cool down rate


Heating plate area

610 mm x 610 mm

Temperature overflow

+/- 2 %

Heating plate material (Aluminium)

Thickness: 25 mm

Temperature distribution on heating plate area during heat up and within steady state

+/- 2 %

Useable distance between heating plate area and upper chamber

30 mm



LAB-LAMINATOR L036LAB has an electrical heating system that can reach 180°C. (250°C is optional).




Vacuum Pump  ~ 40 m³/h (noise reduced)

Manufacturer: DVP (Italy)


Ÿ  High definition/resolution vacuum gauge/display

Ÿ  Easy maintenance and accession to pump


Casella di testo: Ultimate value of vacuum	< 0,5 mbar
Controlled vacuum  values within lower chamber	0-1000 mbar
Controlled and  programmable vacuum values within upper chamber	0-1000 mbar





Siemens S7 with manual control interface with German, Italian, English and French manual.


Control unit/console

Ÿ   It is positioned on the right hand side, in front of heating plate

Ÿ   Manual operation of each single valve

Ÿ   Control of heat up and cool down function over parameter temperature

Ÿ   Automatic start of preselected working cycle with closing of upper chamber/shell

Ÿ   Definition of pressure with switch and over time

Ÿ   In case of breakdown emergency functions are provided manually

Ÿ   Alert during operational fault (wrong temperature or pressure values as programmed)


Casella di testo:                                


Ÿ  External temperature display: actual temperature

Ÿ  Pressure display integrated in control console



1. Characteristics

Ÿ  Wiring of thermocouples within vacuum chamber fixed

Ÿ  Working hour meter integrated

Ÿ  Water pipes to/from vacuum chamber is mounted stress relieved

Ÿ  Noise reduction of housing

Ÿ  Documentation in English, or Italian, or French, or German language



2. Maintenance

Ÿ  Friendly construction design

Ÿ  Changeable clamps in the upper chamber for easy membrane changing

Ÿ  Easy maintenance/removal of heating plates, clutches within vacuum chamber, fixed lead-through







3. Operational safety

Equipment/laminator is equipped with safety devices according to UVV.

Legal compliance to all, especially to (89/392 EWG und EN 292) is proofed.

CE-conformity compliance/mark is mounted on all separate parts of equipment.


4. Availability

Total equipment availability: ≥  98 %


5.  Spare parts included in the price


    Nr  1 Electric heaters

    Nr  1 Thermocouples

    Nr  1 Silicon Membrane

    Nr  2 Fibres glass foils


6.        Optional


*     Cure up to 250 °C

*       Heating of silicon membrane

*       Pin system (customized design)

*       External chillers for cooling system

*       Software SCADA LAB



Optional Pin System lift device

Piastra L036_pin


WARRANTY: 2 years


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