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Machineries and Technologies for the production of Photovoltaic Panels

Sun_Sim_EL_Test Sun_Sim_EL_Test      
MC02A EL012A      






SUN SIMULATOR MC02A is an offline sun simulator that measures the IV characteristics of PV modules, both thin film and crystalline. It is effective and reliable and suits  both in PV production lines and in laboratories or research centres.








  • Class A solar simulator according to IEC 904-9


-    Xenon flash tube with AM 1,5G filter

-    ±2 % irradiance uniformity with proprietary optics

-    irradiance and temperature corrections according to IEC 891


·         Proprietary electronic load and data sampling system based on Endeas Oy software


-    Measurement reliability according to IEC 904-1

-    High voltage and high current ranges

-    Irradiance level adjustable 200-1200 W/m2

-    Windows compatible data handling and saving options


·         Superior testing productivity


-    Testing capacity up to 60 modules per hour

-    Low cost of ownership: commercial flash tubes is the only necessary spare part

-    Automatic module identification by barcode scanning

-    Flexible integration to factory instrumentation with I/O, PLC and DDE link interface option





Max module size

1200 x 2000 mm


Measurements per hour



Distance lamp / module

4000-4010 mm


Flash Pulse Duration

15 ms


IV Data Recording Duration

2/5 ms


Irradiance Range

200-1000 W/m²


Flash tube Lifetime

40000 flashes


Number of Flash Tubes




          General Requirements and Feature



Weight (Kg)


Voltage (V)

230 1Ph +N + gnd

Frequency (Hz)


Max Power (kW)



       Reference cell: 

·         Crystalline silicon cell calibrated against CEC JRC Ispra certified ESTI sensor.

·         Temperature measured and signal corrected accordingly. Accuracy  +- 1°C within 10-40 °C

Ambient Temperature:

·       IC sensor (LM35).Accuracy +- 1°C within 10 – 40 °C


Overall Dimensions


4740 mm


2445 mm


2550 mm















 Electronic Unit:

·         Endeas foto desktopLoad:       HEXFET, sweep rate controlled by software

·         Current: Maximum current range options 10,20,30,40 A

(Factory setting according to customer’s requirements).

·            The scale is adjustable by the user from 0,5 to 10 A or from 1 to 20 A or from 2 to 40 A with an accuracy of 0.5%


·            Voltage:    Maximum Voltage range options: 50, 100, 200, 300 V (Factory setting according to customer’s requirements). The scale is adjustable by the user from 1 to 50 V  or from 1 to 100 V or from 2 to 200 V or from 2 to 300 V with an accuracy of 0,5%





Computer System (Hardware/Software/ Standard printer)

Conformity: CE approved; UL compliance

Warranty: 2 year  




·         Thermal Printer;

·         Software for thermal printer;

·         Bar code scanner;

·         Climatic chamber integrated (from 5°C to 80°C);

·         Electroluminescence inspection;

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