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Machineries and Technologies for the production of Photovoltaic Panels


P.Energy Phototrade develops a new  technology based on crystalline cells  that permits to produce strip of flexible PV panels . ( CFSPV  Crystalline Flexible Strip of PV Panels )

The length of the strips is undefined and the max diameter curve  is 1800 mm  



The CFSPV technology has several advantages

A)     It reduces the production cost

B)      It  reduces the transport cost

C)      it reduces the installation cost




Phototrade  designed  three new production lines for this CFSPV technology with different production capacity ( low 16 panels/h – medium 32 panels/h – high 64 panels/h)


This is the block diagram of CFSPV panels  production line



The panel can be packed in a roll with a max diameter of 2400 mm . In a roll can be packed 600 panels



A)     Very easy installation

B)      Light handling

C)      Length can be decides at the moment of the installation

D)     Can be installed in flat roof

E)      Can be installed in curve roof

F)      Can be installed in a façade as BIPV

G)     Can be installed directly on the ground

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