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CFSPV . Crystalline Flexible String PV Panels
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PV LAMINATOR . GOLD SERIES  The state of arts in the PV  Laminator Read more

Machineries and Technologies for the production of Photovoltaic Panels

            LAMINATORS GOLD” Series
                LAMINATOR L1200GOLD - LAMINATOR L1800GOLD
The laminators GOLD series  are  two stages laminators  1st Stage  vacuum stage and 2nd stage as curing stage. They can laminate 3 or 4 standard panels per cycle with fast cure EVA in 7,5 minutes. The max throughput is 24 or 32 panels/hour.

VACUUM STAGE  - This stage is provided with a pin lift system. The panels enter automatically in this stage and are lifted up during the vacuum time. After the vacuum they will lay down onto the hot plate.



CURING STAGE - In this stage the panels finish the curing time. At the end of the cycle the panels  exit automatically from the laminator.




Real Throughput

24 panels/h

32 panels/h


                                          Up to 99%

Solar panel Dimensions


                              1650 x 1000 mm or 2000 x 1000 mm


                                                3 – 4 - 5

Solar Cells Thickness

   120 μm up

to 300μm

   120 μm up

to 300μm


160 kW

180 kW

Air consumption

50 l/min

50 l/min

MW 300 GG—22 H

50 MW

100 MW

Heating System


P.Energy L1200GOLD has an electrical heating system which can reach 180°C (200 °c is optional).


Usable heating plate area

3375(x2) x 2100 mm

Temperature overflow

± 1 %

Number of heating zones


Heating plate 

Material : Aluminum

25 mm thick

Temperature distribution on heating plate area during heat up and within steady state

< ± 1 %

Useable distance between heating plate area and upper chamber

40 mm













P.Energy Membrane Heating System (MHS)

The innovative Heating System with flat silicon resistances (1,4 mm thick) permits an homogeneous and uniform heating of the plate. The replacement is very easy and safety and the lifetime is 4 time higher than  the other electrical/oil rods resistances.


Distribution of the heat in the aluminum plate with  P.Energy MHS

Distribution of the heat in the aluminum plate with common electrical/oil rod resistances



The Laminators GOLD Series are thermal insulated in order to save Energy. The picture below shows the different insulation between the Gold series laminator with thermal insulation cover and laminators of our competitors.



Temperature distribution on laminator cover with thermal insulation.


Temperature distribution on laminator cover without thermal insulation


 160°C  80°C  50°C  30°C



Vacuum System


Type: 4 Vacuum Pumps ~ 300 m³/h and ~ 100 m³/h by Leybold (CH)

Ÿ  High definition/resolution vacuum gauge/display

Ÿ  Easy maintenance and accession to pump

Ÿ  Pressure ramp controlled in time


Ultimate value of vacuum

< 0,5 mbar

Controlled vacuum  values within lower chamber

0-1000 mbar

Controlled and  programmable vacuum values within upper chamber



Control Unit


Siemens S7 with manual control interface and German, Italian and English operating manual.

Control Unit

·         Manual control of every single value

·         Control of heating and cooling functions

·         Over temperature alarm

·         Automatic start of preselected working cycle by closing of upper chamber/shell

·         Definition of the pressure curve for the entire lamination cycle

·         Manual activation of emergency functions in case of breakdown

·         Alert in case of operational fault (wrong temperature or pressure values)


-          Cure up to 250 °C

-          Loading and unloading system P.ENERGY LU680A

-          Supervision software for the management of all recipes of the lamination and the storage of the report of each cycle in EXCEL or ACCESS files. This allows to have a control of the cycle through temperature or vacuum graphics

-          External chiller for cooling system

-          Pin lift system


3 years warranty and  CE marked

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